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A Realistic Conversation

Source: Wallpaper Cave
Source: Wallpaper Cave

What many Americans have feared has finally come to fruition. The Chicago Cubs have won the world series. Everyone thought it was so outlandish it would never happen in our lifetime. Their team was so bad, how could they even make the playoffs? And then, they did. And they won the playoffs and got into a final showdown with the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were the favorite to win. Most rational fans of the sport had assumed it wouldn’t even be a question. And then, they won. They came back from a 3-1 deficit, and won. We are now living in a world in which the Cleveland Indians are the 2016 World Series Champions. Oh yeah, also Donald Trump is president.

The very same Donald Trump who once was in the WWE main event Wrestlemania. Who has also said numerous other disturbing statements about all kinds of minorities. Who wants to ban all Muslims and build an impractical wall on our Southern border. It makes anyone question ask, “Why?”. Why have Americans seemingly voted to shoot themselves in the foot? Why did this bigot with literally no experience in politics get elected to the most important position in Western Civilization? As Deangelo Vickers put it, “Time to spin the chamber.”

Change can be a good thing, like when Twinkies were brought back from extinction. Or a bad thing, like when the Romans thought republicanism was overrated. But one thing is for sure, there will be change. As a gay person, I’m frankly a little afraid. As a person with many friends who are frequently marginalized minorities, I’m a little afraid. And frankly, as a decent human being I’m a little afraid of the ramifications of president-elect Donald J. Trump.

He recently went of TV and said he is “fine” with gay marriage. That, in my mind, could be frankly untrue or downright inaccurate. Obviously this is something that matters to me and something I’m passionate about. America has chosen their path and it’s something that I and many others disagree with. We have a reality television star as our president, and I’m afraid. But I guess we survived George W. Bush eh?

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